In our article, How To Keep Getting Paid Consistently For Your Online Efforts, we touched on pattern interrupt marketing and gave you some strategies that you could employ on your websites in order to increase your passive income. Another area in which you can use this type of marketing tactic is in your videos.

Simply put, pattern interrupt marketing involves getting the attention of your prospective customer by interrupting what they perceive as the natural flow of things. In the above-mentioned article, we gave examples such as using trip-wires on your error pages, exit redirects, internal pop-ups and your helpdesk page. In this blog, we’ll go over ways to use pattern interrupts in your marketing videos.

Background Changes – An unexpected change in the background of your video is sure to grab the attention of your viewers. Switching from a static background to one with movement is one example, or you could simply use different scenes or colors.

Sound Effects – Have you ever been watching someone’s video and they seem to just be talking, talking, talking with no break to their pattern of speech? Kind of monotonous, isn’t it? If you’re afraid your video might lull someone to sleep, consider adding sound effects. Not too many! Try using them when you are making an important point.

Make Them Laugh – Adding in a little humor can go a long way when you want to keep the attention of your viewing audience. Tell a funny, relatable story, a joke, or use silly graphics and clipart to enhance your dialogue.

Use Props – You don’t want your videos to make people think of Max Headroom. Don’t be afraid to use props in your video marketing. Just try not to make them too cheesy. You still want to be taken seriously.

Ask Questions – Even though you aren’t speaking face to face with your viewers, you can still get them involved with your presentation by asking them questions. Get them thinking! You can even instruct them to leave comments or email you with their answers so you can better assist them in areas where they need more information.

Pattern interrupt marketing is an excellent strategy to use when you want to get and hold the attention of your viewers. But, as with all things, be careful not to use it excessively. With time and practice, you will learn the right balance to use in your marketing videos that will bring value to both your audience and your wallet.

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