promote your latest blog posts

There are many reasons to have a blog, from helping to market your business, to using it for revenue.

You might also have a more casual blog simply used to post about your life, but you do some affiliate marketing on the side.

Regardless of its purpose, you most likely want your blog posts to be shared.

When you write something with vigor and passion, it is pretty disappointing when barely anyone reads it.

Promoting is essential for all types of blogs, even those owned by the big-name bloggers.

Here are some quick ways you can promote your latest blog posts.

Encourage Experts in Your Niche to Share the Blog Post

This is something not many bloggers do, all of whom are missing out on a lot of free traffic.

You have already researched and written a high-quality blog post, so now you need to have others share it.

This lets you promote it for free and also gain quite a few new followers in the process.

One good way to do that is by encouraging the most influential blogs to share it.

How do you do that?

By reaching out to them of course!

You can first choose some bloggers that have a history of sharing similar blog posts like the one you have crafted, then contacting them.

You need to be careful how you do this, as you don’t want to appear to spam them.

Another way to get their attention is by linking to them in your blog post.

If you wrote about a topic that a popular blogger has written about recently, link to their blog as your inspiration or for added information on the subject.

They probably track incoming links, and will likely see your link at some point.

This can encourage them to take notice of your post and do the same for you.

Simply referencing these experts is another great way to have your blog posts shared more often.

Include Something Extra That People Will Want to Share

Another good way to get those blog posts shared for some free promotion is by giving them something that makes it very easy to share.

While having a good, eye-catching image for the blog post is a good start, it might not be enough.

Especially if you are choosing a generic picture they have likely seen before in various other online content.

A better option is to include an infographic in the post.

An infographic will take the information, facts, and statistics you have provided in your post and put it on a single, long image that makes it easy to get the information.

This not only adds more value to the blog post, but it is an ideal thing to share on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Convert Your Content Into a Video

Targeting a different audience might be what helps get your blog posts promoted.

You can take an existing blog post and create a video around it, which can then link back to the post.

This gets your YouTube channel or other video networking channel noticed and gets you more this on the blog post itself.

Get creative here and make a post that is helpful to your target audience.

If you wrote a blog post about the benefits of branding a small business, then you can create a video that shows a slideshow of the benefits, or even a tutorial on creating a logo from scratch for branding purposes.

Email the Post to Your Subscribers

Email marketing still exists today, and for many bloggers, it is the number one way they get more traffic.

One reason people don’t often get traffic to their blog is that not everyone knows about it.

The best thing you can do is include your newest blog posts in your subscriber emails, giving a little summary of the post in the email so they know what they will be reading.

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