Congratulations! You have created a product and you are ready to share it with the world. You know it is high quality and contains helpful information, but how do you get it in the hands of the people that really need your solutions?!

Listing your products on JVZoo is a great first step, but there are other ways you can help push your products to the audience that really needs them.

Quick Tips for Promoting your Product Launch


  1. Create a compelling sales page

You can have the best product on the market for your niche. But if the sales page doesn’t hit the pain points of your audience, and convey that your solutions are the easiest/most helpful/best, your product launch may flop.

Writing sales copy for digital products has become an art form. Either study copywriting extensively before you begin creating your sales page, or outsource the task to someone who has lots of experience converting visitors to buyers.

  1. Secure affiliates to help promote

One of the best ways you can push a product launch, especially one of your first ones, is to get affiliates on board beforehand. If you can get them to send a simple email about your product, you may add hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars to your bottom line.

Within JVZoo, you can approve affiliates for your products, so not just anyone can promote. This weeds out scammers who will cause high refund rates for your product launch.

  1. Give your affiliates the necessary tools

When getting your product ready for its launch, don’t forget to include a JV page. This page houses all the information needed for affiliates to successfully promote your product.

Use the JV page to provide information your affiliates about the date and time of your launch, and how the commissions work for each sale. Build some social proof for yourself and tell the affiliate WHY they should promote your product. This page is also where you can offer swipe emails and banners for easy promotion.

  1. Post about your launch on social media

While affiliates can help create a successful product launch, you don’t want to just sit back and let them do all the promotion. Be active in letting your audience know about your new product and that is launching. Share it on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Post in JV groups on Facebook.

Outside of social media, you can also email your list about the product. Also, post on JV notification websites like

  1. Offer bonuses for your product launches

Increase the value of your products by offering bonuses that the buyer can only get with their purchase of this product. Time-sensitive bonuses can make the launch more successful. You can upload your bonuses right into JVZoo, ensuring your buyers get everything they paid for at purchase.

  1. Create time-sensitivity or scarcity in your launches.

When you are developing your product launch, you want to create some urgency for people to buy right away. Launches typically last 4-7 days, and you want people to take action during that time to make the most money.

Here are some ways you can create urgency for your product launches:

  • Only allow a limited quantity of your product to be sold. People will not want to miss out and may be more likely to hit that buy button.
  • Offer a special “launch only” price for action takers. You can then raise the price if you continue to sell the product after the launch is over.
  • Add time-sensitive bonuses, as mentioned above. Pull the bonuses once the launch period is over.
  • Put a countdown timer on the sales page. This removes any chance that your audience won’t know when the launch ends. Seeing those numbers tick down is a great motivator in getting the sale.

Be sure you are proactively promoting your product launches. Also, do everything you can to bring affiliates on board to help you promote. The more people you have promoting your launch, the more success you will achieve!

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