Many marketers live under the assumption that you must have the latest, most expensive video production equipment before they can delve into the world of video marketing. Because of this erroneous belief, this very lucrative area of their marketing plan gets pushed aside and may very well be causing them to miss out on a ton of money. Today we will share with you some simple, cost-effective equipment you can use for creating killer videos right away.

Believe it or not, your cellphone’s camera is perfect for getting started with video marketing. It is not necessary to have an expensive video camera when most cell phones shoot high-resolution videos nowadays. Use what you’ve already got! Remember to shoot your videos in landscape mode (with the phone sideways, instead of upright) when using your phone to avoid getting those thick, black sidebars on your video when you publish it. You may also need a tripod in order to keep your phone still and level. If someone is shooting the video by hand, instruct them to hold the phone with both hands, elbows locked at their side. This is a great way to get a nice, steady picture when a tripod isn’t available.

Speaking of tripods, If you don’t have one, but really need one, you can DIY! Check out this cool little video from CNET showing three ways to create your own tripod using items you probably already have:

While you may have been waiting for a great lightbox set from Amazon to ensure perfect lighting and a green screen behind you for all those awesome background videos to arrive before you begin creating video content for your business, all of that is not necessary. Yes, your surroundings and lighting are important, but you could easily find the perfect conditions right outside. Natural lighting and outdoor scenery are free and work wonderfully for video creation on a budget.

Now, if you’re not ready to step in front of the camera yourself, you could opt for creating videos right on your computer.   There are many free options available for screen recording and you’ll have the option of upgrading to a paid version later on when your budget allows. Screen capture videos are a great way to get started with video marketing and enable you to give your viewers an ‘over the shoulder’ look at what you’re presenting. Some ideas of how this type of video could be used for your business are website walk-throughs, product reviews, how-tos, and slideshow presentations.

Some of the most popular screen recording software with free options or demos are:

  • Camtasia
  • Screencast-O-Matic
  • TinyTake
  • EZVid
  • CamStudio

Regardless of whether you will be using your phone or computer for video creation, you will need to make sure you have excellent sound quality with a decent microphone. If you’ve decided to use your phone, you can pick up a relatively inexpensive Lavalier microphone, also called a lapel mic, right on Amazon. Preferably, look for one with a nice, long cord that can be easily hidden in your clothing. On the other hand, if you prefer to record with your computer, you could use the built-in microphone on your PC or laptop if it provides the quality of sound you are looking for. If not, your best bet is to invest in a quality USB microphone as soon as possible.

There are many benefits of including video in your marketing plan, such as better exposure, brand recognition, improved search engine rankings, better social media engagement, etc. Don’t let a preconceived idea that producing quality video requires a huge investment stop you from getting started today. You probably have everything you need already at your fingertips!

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