Simplify Your Emails To Increase Conversion (1)

Marketing via email is an excellent way to promote your affiliate products and other information to your audience. Your readers, though, may become easily confused if your email marketing campaign is too complex. When this happens, they will not take the action you are suggesting and your conversions will take a hit. To improve your conversions, consider utilizing the following strategies:

Understand Your Audience – One of the best things you can do for your affiliate marketing business is to know your audience intimately. The more you understand who you are writing emails to, the better you are able to achieve your desired goals with them.

Pique Their Curiosity Right Away – The subject line of your email is your first impression. If it doesn’t pique the curiosity of the reader, they are not going to open up the email to see the rest. And if they don’t do that, nothing else matters.

Grab Their Attention With Snappy Headlines – The headline is the next component to your email that the reader will see. Again, you will want to grab their attention and entice them to continue reading.

Bullet Points Are Great – Bulleted information and lists make your message easier to read and absorb. It’s important to remember that the people reading emails do so differently than if they were reading a book. Instead of horizontally, they read vertically, so make sure their eyes will follow the information they are reading naturally.

Keep Your Focus Singular – Avoid giving too much information at once and offering too many options for making a purchase. Instead, try to keep your email focused on one offer. There are always chances to upsell and cross-sell during checkout.

How Many Links? – Well, the typical rule of thumb is for you to avoid stuffing your emails with a ton of links, though some email marketers don’t adhere to that way of thinking. If you are providing one or two links, for the same focused information that you are trying to convey, that should suffice. You will want to avoid giving them too many options but focus instead on the subject of your email.

Have A Specific CTA – Identify the one thing you want to accomplish with your email and make that the focus of your email. Knowing what you want your reader to do will make it much easier to craft your subject line, headline and email body to match.

Don’t Write A Book – Remember to keep your email short and simple. Long, drawn out emails usually get skimmed over, not read thoroughly. You don’t need to write a novel. Most people want to get to the point rather quickly and move on from there.

Having a more focused email campaign can help you increase conversions. While you can promote more than one item per message, you risk confusing your audience. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but if you are struggling to make sales, these tips and focusing on one offer at a time may help turn things around for you.

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