Six Benefits of using webinars

Have you considered using webinars to sell your online products and services? They are gaining huge popularity as a marketing and training tool for businesses, and it is a trend that is on the increase. The selling point of webinars is that you can communicate visually with people anywhere in the world without being there!

As every business owner knows, the primary objective required is your ability to reach clients. No matter how good your product is, your business is in trouble without exposure.

With the emergence of the internet, it has created a global marketplace for large and small businesses alike.

Using webinars has completely changed how a business communicates. It has cut down travel costs as well as saving time which is crucial in any business. All you have to do is turn on your computer and do your presentation in the comfort of your own office.

Salient Benefits of Webinars

These are the main areas in which your business can benefit through the use of webinars.

  • Decision makers are more accessible: When you are attending a meeting, face to face, it can be extremely difficult to have all of the decision makers in one room especially if you are presenting to a large global company. With webinars, this is made a lot easier with meetings.
  • You can also use the webinar services for your company’s training: With many companies going global, there are going to be offices not just in one country but in various locations around the globe. So, arranging training without the need to go to head office can save a lot of lost time and money.
  • Webinars can help you generate leads: Let’s say you have created a killer webinar and have marketed it well to kindle the curiosity of your target audience. Now, once the visitor is on the webinar page you need to convert the visit into a permanent relationship. You can do this by appending a SignUp form with the webinar.

Remember not to scare away the audience by including long and boring forms. Keep it short; the first step of engagement should be simple and easy. Ask only the most necessary questions, such as name (first and last), email address, company, job title (optional), and phone number (optional).

  • Establish your market expertise: Make no mistake visitors are on your page for the information you offer in the form of webinars. Hence use the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your chosen field. The message you convey through the webinar should convince your audience of your skill and proficiency – this may later translate to a business relationship.

Even while marketing your service, the webinar should never sound like a sales pitch. Understand the pain points of your audience and offer a solution for it. Introduce your product or service and explain how your offering will solve the customer’s problem.

  • A great way to obtain feedback: If you are thinking that webinars are just one way communication, then you are wrong. In this social media era you can use SM tools such as Facebook and Twitter to gain live and instant feedback on the webinar. Live Webinar and Social Media interactions are a killer combo – a great way to have a real-time connect with your audience.

Research shows that companies who increase the engagement quotient by turning passive interaction of the webinar to active by including instant feedback significantly improve the business conversion rate.

  • A launch pad for your products and service: Want to introduce a new product or service? Great! You won’t find a better launch and marketing medium than the webinar. This medium is completely different to the usual launch pad such as a press release or physical launch. Through webinars, you can reach a fairly large audience, can better communicate the USP of your offering, and you can do so at a lower budget.

To host a webinar, you will require webinar software; this varies in price depending on the vendor and package. When choosing your package you should consider the deliverance, reliability, ease of use and the level of customer support.

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