Six Tips For Drafting Effective Autoresponder Messages

As an affiliate marketer, most of the time your only ability to communicate with potential buyers is through email marketing. Someone found your website or lead capture page, took you up on your giveaway offer in exchange for their contact information, and you now have the ability to email them at your convenience. Unfortunately, this is where many internet marketers struggle and find that their emails are not getting opened and if they are, the links are not getting clicked.

Here are six tips for drafting effective autoresponder messages that people will open, read, and take the suggested actions within:


  1. Know The Ins & Outs Of Your Autoresponder – It is extremely important that you know all the features your chosen autoresponder has for you to take advantage of. If there are training videos or other informational guidance that will teach you how to use these features, watch or read them. A tool is the most effective in the hands of someone who knows how to use it.
  2. Use Personalization When Possible – If your lead capture page collects your lead’s name, be sure to use it in your subject lines and emails. Emails that contain a person’s name will be more likely to catch the recipient’s eye and not get lost in an overflowing email inbox. Using personalization also conveys more of a personal conversation than a generic message, making those on your list feel more relaxed and friendly towards you.
  3. Avoid Generic Copy & Paste Messages – Chances are, the people on your list are on other marketers’ lists as well. If you are all promoting the same thing and using pre-written, copy & paste email swipes, how are you going to stand out? Your emails will all look like mechanical responses and will eventually lead to low open rates and possible unsubscriptions.
  4. Use A Conversational Tone – Talk to the people on your list as if you were writing a letter to a good friend. People get enough ads, do something different and remember that there are actual human beings behind that name and email you see in your list of contacts. They joined your list because they believed that you had something to offer them besides a new advertisement in their inbox every day asking them to buy something.
  5. Get Personal – People make purchases from those they know, like, and trust. Allow those on your list to get to know you through interesting stories, writing with your own unique personality, and sharing links to your personal blog or social media posts. They don’t need to know every nitty-gritty detail of your life, however the more you come across as a real person instead of a pre-written, generic sales pitch, the more likely they will be to look forward to your emails, open them, read them, and ultimately take your advice on what products to purchase.
  6. Quality Counts – Always provide your readers with relevant, quality content. They chose to subscribe to your list because they believed you could provide them with helpful information pertaining to a particular subject. If you have a list in the plantar’s wart niche, it would be silly to send them emails about video marketing and if you did, you’d surely lose the interest of your readers. Keep your emails relevant to the issue they are interested in, provide useful information and helpful suggestions.


Email marketing is all about building a relationship with your list. Just like any other relationship, it takes time, commitment and dedication. Following the steps listed above, you will be well on your way to building and keeping a list that looks forward to your emails and takes action on the recommendations you give.


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