Halloween is upon us, a special day for kids and adults that enjoy wearing costumes and dishing out candy.

But for an entrepreneur nothing is more special than a product launch day. So the question is: What’s the best day and time to launch a product?

The answer is based on years of industry testing, and it’s pretty simple… Tuesday at 10 a.m. 

And it makes sense when you think about it… 

People are less likely to check their emails on weekends. So there goes Saturday and Sunday.  

And on Mondays, most people’s inboxes are overflowing… not to mention it’s a common day to take off work. 

But by Tuesday,  the backlog is dealt with and most folks are ready to attack the week. And why 10:00 a.m.? It gives people a few hours to clean their inboxes and make it more likely that your message gets noticed. 

A global world complicates this a bit, but you should probably shoot for 10 a.m. in your biggest target market.

This only works, of course, if you can get affiliates to promote your offer and you can avoid getting drowned out by bigger launches. 

And the truth is we’ve seen many successful launches go live during weekends or at odd hours.There’s other considerations aside from which day and time historically works best.

For example, it’s more important for you to limit competition and maximize affiliates than it is to launch on a Tuesday. And as always the best launches are actively promoted several times a day… for weeks.

You can see the calendar of scheduled launches on JVZoo to plan the best day for you (notice how Tuesdays are always popular).

And the real answer to the question is … the best time to launch was yesterday and the second best is today!

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