You’ve been leaving a ton of money on the table and you probably didn’t even know it!

One of the main functions of JVZoo is to serve as a platform for vendors to sell their digital products. Hundreds of thousands of users list products on our network and some are more profitable than others. Did you ever wonder why that is?

Maybe you’ve thought in the past that some vendors got a hold of some secret fairy dust. It’s understandable, I mean some vendors can make a million dollars in a day while others struggle to make a hundred. Granted, we have to consider experience and marketplace authority, but all those things being equal, we took it upon ourselves to look into these disparities in hopes of leveling the playing field.

What’s So Special About That GURU Vendor?

Maybe you’ve shaken your fist in unbelief at one of those gurus when they’ve broken sales records and hit the Top Sellers list. Perhaps you’ve even wondered, “What does that guy have that I don’t have?”.  Well, you’re in luck, Kemosabe, because we’re about to tell you. I mean, tell you EXACTLY what you’re missing.

If you’re a JVZoo product vendor you probably invest a lot of time on the Product Edit page trying to get everything just right. You scroll through it all, ticking off the boxes, filling in the fields and hoping to get it perfect so you can make as many sales as possible. Am I right?

Unfortunately, many vendors leave out key factors that can really increase conversions and drive sales. We call these PROFIT FACTORS and they are really, REALLY important to the success of your product. Now, we know that every product is different and each vendor does business in his/her own way, HOWEVER, we’ve seen patterns in what our TOP performing vendors do that most other vendors tend to leave out.


JVZoo’s new Product Edit page is… [ahem] badass! You’re going to love the way our new Product Edit page simplifies and streamlines the process of product creation for you. The simple vertical design, expandable sections and jump menu make it super efficient and the “JVZoo Tips” are very useful too.

Your favorite part of the new Product Edit page will definitely be the Profit Scanner™


There are now two save buttons. One of them just does the usual saving BUT when you click ‘save and scan’ our Profit Scanner technology automatically looks at your product’s settings to identify opportunities for you to MAKE MORE MONEY.

The scanner will first display a blue bar as it analyzes your product. When it finishes its scan you’ll see a report of how many Profit Factors need to be addressed. Some of the factors will be in green and marked complete while others will be alerted in red.

On the results page, you’ll see all the missing profit factors in your product or that can be improved. Better yet, you’ll find instructions and suggestions on how you can improve your product so you can make more money.


If you click on any of the red scanner alerts the section will expand to give you more information about how you can improve your product’s performance. We will describe the item you’re missing in more detail and give you some idea and suggestions to get the most out of that particular JVZoo feature.

Additionally, each alert will give you some other resources to further help you, such as a link to a relevant JVZoo Academy tutorial section or even a video explanation of the feature right there inside the alert.

By the way, you can also scan each one of your EXISTING products for missing income opportunities without having to open the edit page. Just go right to the Sellers Dashboard and click the green ‘Actions’ button on the right side of any one of your products to reveal the Profit Scanner link.


The Profit Scanner is one of the most comprehensive ‘built-in’ performance enhancement tools ever created for an affiliate network. So, with the combination of the new Product Edit page and the Profit Scanner feature, your life is going to become a lot easier and your business is going to become a lot more profitable.

Log in right now and give it a go! 

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