Why Videos Are So Important To Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is often considered a text-based form of marketing, with free reports you give out in order to get email subscriptions, blog posts on your blog, and text-based advertisements. However, other forms of media also have a big place in affiliate marketing, including video. Whether you are releasing a video series that reviews products you want to promote or the promotion is only a small part of your videos, they can be huge in internet marketing, especially with their high popularity and potential to go viral. The following list includes just some of the many benefits you get by using video for affiliate marketing.

Videos Stick Around For a Long Time

One unique benefit you get by using video in your marketing tactics is that the videos are going to stick around for a long time. Unlike text-based ads or social media marketing where you get a lot of attention in the beginning, but it ends up dwindling down within a few days, videos live on virtually forever. This means if you are advertising a product from Clickbank or Amazon with a video, someone might find it weeks, months, or even years in the future and become interested in it. As long as the product is still available, there is more potential for sales.

Videos Are Very Popular

Videos are also extremely popular. YouTube alone doesn’t just draw in the millions of people that other social media networks do, but they have surpassed the billion mark. This means over a billion people are watching videos on YouTube. There is massive appeal in videos, regardless of where the individual is watching them. Don’t forget that not only do people like to get their information through video, but if you do it right, you might be able to create a viral video, which could get watched and shared thousands or even millions of times.

Videos Are Easy to Share on Social Media

This form of marketing is also great for sharing on social media networks. More people like to share videos throughout Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, instead of just watching the videos on YouTube itself. This means a lot more people are going to watch and share the videos, increasing how many people might follow the link in the video’s description box. The more people you have sharing your video, the more likely it is that it will turn into affiliate sales. You can also easily embed videos to your blog or website, giving you even more chances for increasing views and shares of the video.

You Can Reduce Your Overall Marketing Costs

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to create a video, so that is another excellent bonus. There is no fee to post videos to YouTube unless you choose to turn them into sponsored videos. For the most part, how much you spend on them is entirely up to you. You can create them with the camera you already have or the one your computer has, or you can spend a little money on audio and video equipment. However, the money spent on that equipment more than makes up for itself since it is used over and over again.

Videos Tend to Get Priority in Search Results

Whenever you post new content in an effort to get more views and sales on your website or blog, you have to pay close attention to your SEO keywords and make sure you get ranked high up on the search results list. This is difficult to do with regular written content, but not with video. Since you have less competition with video, it tends to be easier to have your videos up higher on the search results, often in the top few spots.

These are just a few reasons it would be a good idea to include video in your marketing activities. If you haven’t already started, why not begin implementing this strategy for getting leads and sales today?

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