Circumstances are sometimes beyond our control.  Situations that seem terrible might actually set us on the path towards our true purpose in life.

Cindy Donovan is a survivor. She’s an inspiration.

And, she’s a huge success in our industry. She’s totally worth listening to…

Cindy is one of the Superheroes of JVZoo, known for Top Selling Products such as:

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Texts or phone calls?

Texts. I rely on systems for a lot of things, rather than my memory. Keeping your memory sharp is important. But, having a lot of small details isn’t scalable.

Text lets me keep track of any commitments I’ve made or follow up on things someone else has said they will do, rather than relying on remembering what was said. And, if it’s important, I can use software to import that info into a CRM (so I can “remember” what we spoke about next time we talk) or my calendar (so I can take action when it needs to be taken.)

I can also maintain multiple conversations at once via text. Voice is reserved for special people and special occasions when I want to give that person my undivided attention.

Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook. I thrive on community and the tools on Facebook make it easier to connect and interact not just individually, but with groups via different mediums (video/image/text) a lot easier. It’s an opportunity to really get to know the people you’re doing business with, discover what’s really important to them and empower them in getting more of that in their lives.

iPhone or Android?

iPhone… but swaying… I have always been an iPhone girl, because I’m a sucker for innovation and iPhone was always complete cutting edge, geek-your-heart-out type innovation.

With the passing of Steve Jobs, I feel like they’ve lost a bit of spark. But, my devices are all Mac, so it’s easier to stay with Apple.

From a developer aspect, I like Android, it’s a LOT easier and cheaper to build apps – and less fuss getting them into the Play store than Apple’s App store.

What prompted you to begin your Internet Marketing career?

I accidentally fell into Internet Marketing. When I was 29 I was studying to be a primary school teacher and halfway through the degree when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

With the type of cancer I had, plus that beautiful combination of getting it while I was young, the cancer was very aggressive and needed a lot of treatment. So, I had a lot of sitting around during multiple surgery recoveries, radiation therapy, and chemo treatments.

I decided to occupy my time by making a website – something I’d always wanted to do, but felt like a big scary thing… I figured I’d replace one scary thing with a different scary thing I could control. Through a lot of Googling and perseverance, I discovered I had a bit of hidden entrepreneurial side and I haven’t looked back!

If you could start over, what would you do differently?

Read more books, get involved in reputable communities, and develop my self-discipline muscle faster. The exciting ‘spark’ of an idea only carries you through about 10% of any project – it’s learning what needs to be done to bring it to fulfilment and then having the dedication and action to seeing it through that pays off.

Anytime I’m doubting whether I can accomplish my goals or wondering if what I’m doing is something that will actually work… I get around people who are doing and living what I want and it reminds me to keep focused on what’s important… or helps me see where I’m going wrong and recorrect to get back on track.

Also, allowing myself to be vulnerable faster, give up the internal expectation that I’m somehow supposed to have been born with all the knowledge in the universe… and throw myself into mastering the practical things like creating my own online assets, building a customer email list and setting up everything so that it’s scaleable and able to grow beyond my own personal abilities and time restraints.

What has been your greatest success to date in your online career?

My first major launch about 10 years ago sold $100,000 worth of products in the first 14hrs that it went live. That product went on to gross $1.4M and build an email list of 180,000 subscribers in its first year…which was crazy. I still remember sitting there, in my run down home in a dodgy neighborhood… refreshing the sales stats over and over again…

My most memorable success though will always be the first $10.97 subscription I sold about 18 months earlier. That $10.97 changed everything for me, like switching on a lightbulb – I could see that Internet Marketing works. Life changing.

What is the #1 thing you would recommend people do today on JVZoo?

As an affiliate: When you’re promoting, create some way to capture the leads BEFORE you send them to an affiliate offer. That could be building an email list on a blog, or a YouTube channel, Facebook group, straight-up lead capture page – however you do it, just make sure you’re doing something to capture your audience so you can market to them more than once – or you’ve lost that click forever.

As a product creator: Be awesome and uniquely you. Use the top sellers for marketing, design, and copy ideas – see what’s working, but don’t hold back from expressing yourself and your style in your sales materials and products you create. Use it as a way to discover yourself and what lights you up – and then share it with the world!

With so much competition out there on both affiliate and product creator sides, you need to stand out and really pour yourself into whatever you’re putting online – authenticity, integrity, and generosity is the stand out difference between those here for a quick cash grab, and people who build solid 7+ figure incomes online.

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