The party was amazing, the vibe was contagious and the mood was electric but then, out of nowhere, something happened that changed EVERYTHING!

There was a palpable energy in the air as familiar faces were laughing, drinking, and bopping their heads to the beat of the DJ music.




Glow necklaces and blinking rings shined from every direction. Everywhere I looked I saw friends and partners smiling, laughing, talking and just having a great time.

From the back of the room, we heard competitive sportsman-like screams of victory emanating from the glow in the dark beer pong table.


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A crowd gathered in suspense nearby to see who’s skill and accuracy would earn them the cornhole crown!

The dancefloor was packed with partygoers laughing, dancing and struggling to stay in sync Devon Brown doing the Cha Cha Slide.




Various groups of people gathered in conversational circles just outside the party entrance and I overheard some intense talks of product launches, promotions, and just good ole internet marketing masterminding.

Flashbulbs popped repeatedly as the photographer snapped red carpet pics of VIP attendees in front of the giant JVZoo & HLS background banner.




The party was amazing, the vibe was electric BUT then out of nowhere, something happened that changed EVERYTHING.

I saw a sharply dressed Greg Ceasar energetically telling a story to a group of people and I approached to hear what was going on. He looked right at me and exclaimed… “Omar – DUDE…  did you see it? My presentation?”

I replied – “No Sorry man I didn’t make it but what did I miss?”  

Greg’s eye’s lit up, his brow raised and mouth gaped open in shock and he instantly blurted out…  “Bro – Armand got SERVED!

I looked a bit perplexed and struggled to find a reply when he jumped in and said.  “I prepared a little Rap for Armand since he’s always trying to show off at these events and I started my presentation with it!

OHH MY GOD – I can’t believe I missed that man! – Bust it out for me right now dude!




What followed next blew my mind, it was a carefully crafted arrangement of lyrics that would flow perfectly into an internet marketing presentation and the best part was that it really was directed at Armand Morin!

That’s exactly when it happened. I turned to my left and Armand was heading right for us! I know it was about to go down and boy was I right.

Almost instantly these two Guru’s squared off into their B-Boy stance and began taunting each other. That’s when I said, “Okay, Let’s MAKE IT OFFICIAL THEN!“. I ran over to the DJ Booth and asked the DJ for an old school rap beat and a wireless mic, the rest is history.

A crowd began to gather as Greg started spittin’ lyrics and Armand laughed off the verbal assault. Before I knew it it was Armand’s turn and he came correct with some old school rhymes of his own.




The crowd was cheering and their hands were clapping but the match had just begun, that’s when Greg snatched the mic and started busting out some intricate Eminem verses. The crowd was stunned and even Armand was impressed as he took the mic again.

I must say…  at this point, most people would agree that Armand Morin definitely RIPPED the mic. I had to ask the crowd to judge the battle. That’s right when Jessica appeared behind me with the championship belt holding it up like an MMA ring girl.




I asked the crowd for screams to judge the winner and they absolutely ROARED for Armand Morin so he quickly walked up to claim the belt. The crowd began to disperse when a bewildered Greg Ceasar approached us and exclaimed: “Wait wait – what the hell happened?

Apparently, Greg had stepped outside of the room and missed the whole judging process so he disputed the belt and challenged Armand to a final battle. The beat commenced when Greg grabbed the mic… then everything went completely BERZERK.




GREG CEASAR TORE IT UP LIKE A “RAP GOD! He was rhyming at a mesmerizing pace and the crowd was instantly captivated! The song he chose was arguably the most complex Rap Jam ever created and it’s ironically called “Rap God” By Eminem.

Armand tried his best to follow up with some Sugar Hill Gang but he could barely catch his breath. He was spent after Greg took him to school.




I put it to the crowd one last time and we made sure both rap gurus were present for the judging.

It was a decisive win for Cesar in the rematch and he raised his arms proudly as Jessica struggled to strap the belt around his waist.




Internet Marketing events are awesome. You get to learn from Amazing speakers on stage. You network and rub elbows with eager hard working newbies as well as accomplished online millionaires. You break the digital divide and share a drink and a laugh with your online peers.

There were already so many reasons to attend LIVE events but now there is just one more. The annual JVZoo / HLS Epic Guru Rap Battle!




So let me ask… do you think have what it takes to snatch this belt from the reigning champion at our next event? You got some skills on the mic? If so, Greg says “BRING IT.


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