Regardless of what type of business you own or the kinds of products you sell, the time will come when you will be faced with a refund request. How you deal with these occasions can greatly impact the success of your business as well as your reputation. In this post, we will discuss how to handle refund requests fairly.

You should be prepared for the likelihood of future refund requests before you ever launch your product. Having a well thought out, clearly stated, and obviously disclosed refund policy on your website is essential to avoiding many difficulties that may arise from those who seek to get a refund for a product that you sell. Make sure your refund policy can be easily found and understood by those who visit your website. This will help you avoid some hassles later on and will also aid your customers when making the decision to buy.

Keep in mind that though JVZoo does not require you to offer a refund on your products, if you do, you must adhere to such claims as “100% Guaranteed” as per the FTC guidelines. To learn more about JVZoo’s Refund Policies, please refer to

Don’t always assume the worst when you receive a refund request. People request refunds for any number of reasons. They aren’t always trying to get a product for free. And, if someone has requested their money back for a product you’ve sold them within the refund period you have specified, simply give it back. There is no need for any long drawn out runaround on your part.

JVZoo does take fraud very seriously and we work hard to keep serial refunders out of our system. Should you come across this issue at any time, please feel free to contact us with your concerns.

Remember that many people who request a refund may be coming into the situation with a defensive attitude based on past experiences. Keep your cool! They are probably used to being given a hard time and if you deal with them calmly and with empathy, things will go much more smoothly. Take into account the big picture and use these situations as a way to learn how you can better your marketing and make your products even better. There is a lot of insight to be gained from dealing with someone who wasn’t entirely satisfied with their purchase. Use it to make your business even better!

You can turn a customer’s negative impression into a positive one in the way you handle their refund request. Excellent customer service, prompt refunds, and requesting feedback from a disgruntled customer may even turn them into a satisfied customer down the line simply by handling their problem in a respectful, honest, and positive manner.

The online world is small when it comes to the niche of affiliate marketing and your reputation means everything. It would be a smart thing to this keep in mind when dealing with refund requests. JVZoo allows you, as a vendor, to set up your own refund policies and guarantees for the products you sell through the platform, but if you choose to be stubborn over refund requests it could reflect badly upon you and your business when it comes to your customers. Keep the big picture in mind and consider if it is worth a bad review to not give a refund, or if it would be better for your business to simply give a dissatisfied customer their money back and avoid the possibility of paypal disputes and a reputation for being difficult to deal with.

Keeping your Paypal account in good standing as an online vendor is imperative to the success of your business. Avoiding disputes, chargebacks, and even the possibility of total account shut-down should be one of your top priorities. Nobody enjoys dealing with refund requests, but if handled correctly, they can be quickly resolved without adding any unnecessary drama or possible legal ramifications.

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