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Regardless of the type of marketer, business owner, or blogger you are, you need to have a brand. This is what allows other to recognize and remember you, share your posts, and keep you in mind when they are looking for a service or resource you offer. One of the fundamental ways to get more recognition is with proper branding. However, just creating a brand is not enough. You need to remain consistent by staying true to your brand. Here are some tips for accomplishing that.

Know the Fundamentals of a Good Logo

To have a brand you are really proud of and want to stick with, you should start with the branding logo. This will be the logo you use all over your social media accounts, online and offline advertising materials, and any printed items you have. Using it is important to remaining consistent and true to your brand. For a good logo, it can’t just be eye-catching, though that is definitely part of it. The overall theme and style of the logo needs to blend well with your company and the brand you are trying to exhibit. If you want to go for a sleek and professional brand, a logo with bright and funky colors might not be the best option. Keep in mind that is a good logo is unique from others, distinct, and simple. You want it to be easy to incorporate online and on printed materials.

Use Your Brand Everywhere

Before you can stay true to your brand, you need to implement it. Even if your business has been around a while, it is never too late to start branding your business. Once you have decided on what you want your company’s overall mission and appearance to be, you can start using it everywhere. For example, if you are creating a new logo as part of your company’s branding, you should be using that same logo on all social media profiles, your website and blog, product packaging, and printed promotional items. The more people see the logo alongside your company name, the more recognizable it becomes.

Have a Brand Voice

While many people think about their logo and business name as part of their brand, this is not the only thing to consider. You also want to think about the message you are sending out to consumers. A brand is more than just a logo or image, but what you stand for and your overall voice. Some business owners or entrepreneurs tend to be more casual and humorous with their brand, which is totally fine. If you choose to go this direction, make sure your social media interactions, newsletters, and any other communications reflect this. Regardless of the type of voice or values your brand is going to have, it should be reflected in absolutely everything you do. If you hire a social media manager, they should also be using your brand’s voice in order to stay true to it.

Make Changes to Your Brand Slowly

There is nothing wrong with changing your brand in the future if you decide to go a different direction, but don’t do it all at once. First make sure you are absolutely certain on the new direction of your brand, then make the changes slowly. It also helps to actually announce the change of your brand when you are changing things like the products or services you will offer, your website layout, or your logo. However, with things like voice, you might want to just make the transition very subtle. Start switching to the new voice on one social media account and possibly emails, then gradually change it to others. Over time, your customers, clients, and followers will get to know the new brand and will be more eager to accept the changes.