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Brand Stories and Their Importance to Online Entrepreneurs

In these amazing times of websites, blogs, and social networks, the ways by which new customers are drawn to a business are vastly different from the way they were even five years ago!

With so many entrepreneurs competing with you for business, what can you do to make your brand stand out among the others? From a distance, one company’s widget looks an awful lot like another’s. So what is the thing that will turn people’s heads and draw them to your website?

It often comes down to the story… the story behind your brand!

Utilizing Social Media For Personal Branding

If you’re not taking full advantage of social media for personal branding purposes, you’re really missing out. In fact, you’re probably doing yourself more harm than good.

Here’s the good news. There’s definitely still hope! It’s never too late to improve social media skills and get the most out of your personal branding efforts. Consider these tips as a means to get you started.

Making The Most Of Your Membership In An Online Community

Online communities are becoming an increasingly important factor in many entrepreneurs’ marketing game plans. Whether you have created your own, or belong to one of the thousands of interest-based groups that can be found online, you’ll want to make the most out of your V.I.P. status. This post will touch on a few ways you can reap the benefits of such a membership.

6 Tips For Becoming An Authority In Your Niche

When you first get started in internet marketing, you learn that becoming an authority in your niche is essential. This allows others to trust you and gives them a reason to keep reading your blog posts, emails, and articles over and over again. The problem is knowing exactly how to become an authority, especially in the beginning. The following tips can help you get there.

How Important Is Social Media To Entrepreneurs?

Millions of people access social media every day, but not just for personal use. It is also frequently used for business. As an entrepreneur, you should have a wide range of advertising methods for your business, and social media definitely needs to be one of them. The following information provides some solid reasons why you should be using social media regularly as an entrepreneur.

5 Ways To Create Free Graphics For Your Blog Posts

In order to drive more traffic to your blog and encourage frequent readers to keep reading your blog, you will be focused more on the content. You want to target your demographic and provide unique, high-quality content on a routine basis. However, having an image for your blog is also important. This image is what people see when sharing the blog on social media, Instagram, or Pinterest. Here are some different ways you can create free graphics for your blog posts.

The Importance of Keeping Your Dirty Laundry Off Social Media

It is tempting to use your social media as a personal blog to air all of your grievances, especially when that person can see what you are saying and you don’t have to tell them directly, but it is almost always a bad idea. Whether this is a personal social media account or one set to public so that people following your business can also read it, it is best to avoid altogether. Here are some reasons to avoid putting your dirty laundry on social media.

Five Simple List-Building Strategies That Won’t Break The Bank

Having an email list is essential when you intend to be involved in internet marketing. Many of the promotions you offer are going directly to your email list, who will then decide if they are interested in them or not. However, building a list sometimes requires spending money on advertisements. Luckily, there are also some easy ways to build the email list without breaking the bank.

Are Forums Still A Viable Way To Get Blog Traffic?

Getting blog traffic comes from many sources, from having ads on other blogs, to leaving relevant comments on other blogs and posting your latest updates on social media. Another option is to use forums. While this is sometimes seen as a more old-fashioned way to get blog traffic, it still works today, though you need to be careful how you do it. The number one rule is that you don’t spam people with your blog link, but instead interact on the forum naturally and simply make your blog link available.

7 Things To Consider Before Buying Your Next Domain Name

When you are involved in Internet marketing, buying domains becomes regular practice. Every time you start a new website or blog, whether it is a single web page for a landing page or an in-depth informative blog, you need to have an excellent domain name.

Here are seven things to consider when choosing your new domain name.

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