In order to drive more traffic to your blog and encourage frequent readers to keep reading your blog, you will be focused more on the content. You want to target your demographic and provide unique, high-quality content on a routine basis. However, having an image for your blog is also important. This image is what people see when sharing the blog on social media, Instagram, or Pinterest. Here are some different ways you can create free graphics for your blog posts.

  1. Use Canva to Create Your Own Images

The first thing you can do when making free blog graphics is to start from scratch. This might be a little intimidating, but with a free graphics creator like Canva, it is quick and easy to do. This is one of the best sites to use because it never costs anything and has lots of templates to work with. You start by choosing the type of graphic or size, then you can use their template, start from scratch with various customizing options, or use a photo you have found on your own to work with.

  1. Create a Simple Typography Graphic

The reason why this is a good option for some of your blog posts is because it looks impressive but it is actually simple to create. Typography is nothing more than using different types of decorative font to create a word or phrase. This can be any word or phrase that defines the blog post or you think will get people’s attention. You can use a graphics site like Canva or another one you like and select an interesting font there, then change the colors of the font and the size. You can also add some graphics around the letters as well.

  1. Make a Funny Meme

If you have a creative side, you can also create a funny meme. The two things you need are a program that lets you apply text to an image, and an image to work from. There are meme creators that are free and start with the same basic picture. These are usually okay to use people they aren’t licensed to anyone, but definitely check about copyright issues beforehand. A safer method is to use a stock photo you have permission to use or your own graphic or image. You can then choose a funny phrase that gets people’s attention. Not only is this good for certain blog posts, but it gets more attention and shares on sites like Facebook and Pinterest.

  1. Use Your Own Picture

There are also ways to create graphics by starting with your own image. You then don’t have to worry about any copyright issues. This can be a picture you have taken to be used as a background for a in image, to where you just need to apply text to it, or a photograph of a person or place that applies to the type of post you are writing.

  1. Customize Free Images

Stock photos are tricky because many people use them illegally. You need to use photos that offer personal or copyright usage for your blog, instead of just saving any picture. If you don’t want to pay for the stock image, some good free sources include Pixabay, Wikipedia Commons, and Morguefile. Once you download it for free or purchase the stock photo, it is then up to you how you customize it, such as changing the filter on it, adding text, cutting out certain parts, adding to it, or creating a border around it. If it is being used on a site where you earn money, make sure it has commercial rights.

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