Increase Leads With a Compelling Blog Post

Having a blog is one of the top ways to capture leads without paying for ads, though you need to do it the right way. Not only is blogging with unique and high-quality content on a regular basis important, but the content within your blog posts needs to be compelling. It should draw in your readers and give them a reason to really hear what you have to say, not to mention sharing it with others. Follow these tips to increase your leads with an engaging blog post.

Read Every Blog Comment

To begin, become accustomed to who your audience is and what they need help with. You can do this by reading every single blog comment. Throughout the comments on your previous b log posts, you will notice some people asking similar questions over and over again. This should be a sign that this particular topic is what you need to write about next.

Perhaps you are trying to get more people to sign up for the email list on your blog about using Facebook for advertising purposes, and you recently have noticed quite a few people asking about Facebook Live. Now you know that your next blog post should be about Facebook Live since it is going to help answer a question and increases the chances of them signing up for your list for more helpful tips, but without being overly self-promotional.

Know Your Audience and Angle

This might seem like obvious advice, but we aren’t talking about the generic audience for your blog. You already know the category of people who are interested in what you blog about. Get more in-depth than that and do your research to find out what your target audience is watching or reading, what they are sharing, and what blog posts they are most interactive with. Again, you can do this by looking through the people leaving comments on your blog, as well as your Twitter and Facebook followers. Go to their profiles and look through their posts, looking for signs of things they might need help with or what they are currently talking about. This can help you choose a good topic for your next blog post.

Tell a Story

Everyone loves a good story as they make very compelling blog posts. You don’t need to be overly personal and tell a story about how you met your spouse, but you can definitely add a little more humor and personality into some of your posts. Don’t shy away from sharing an experience you have had in your personal life, but try to relate it to your business. Think about experiences in your personal life that would make you a good candidate for this particular product or a way that it has helped you. You are engaging your audience and getting them interested in your post, while also showing how a particular product or service can be useful to them.

Master the Art of Headline Writing

A good headline is not just descriptive of the post, so people know what they are going to read about, but also eye-catching and attention-grabbing. You want a single headline to give a potential reader everything they need to know. For someone who is already reading your post, it might not be as important, but when they share it on social media, you want others to be curious. Try to stay away from ‘click baiting’ and instead give them a valid reason why they need to read the post, then follow through.

As with all online marketing, don’t make it 100 percent about self-promotion. It is okay to have some compelling blog posts that provide a call-to-action to go to your website, but also provide some posts that simply solve a problem or offer helpful resources.

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